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My second daughter, only 19 months after my first, was born 3 days after Edmonton shut down for the first time in March of 2020. All of our plans were gone. Meal trains, toddler programs, play dates, gone. A beautiful friend of mine Pauline Yeung interviewed me over zoom about my experience a few days […]

Mental Health, Parenting

January 18, 2024

Birth During a Pandemic

Newborn Toes

One of the strongest, kindest, and most thoughtful mamas I know once said out loud at a play date, ‘I don’t like being a mom’. My jaw dropped. Not because I didn’t understand how that was possible, or because I didn’t see it coming from her, I was actually excited. I couldn’t believe that she […]

Mental Health

December 7, 2023

My Colic Journey

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